About Us

Welcome to the website of Sol Financial Services Polska!
Sol Financial Services Polska LLC (SFS) is an accounting and consulting firm founded with a clear vision: to provide exceptional service to Clients and influence their success and satisfaction.
We are proud of our experience and ability to present practical business solutions. It is often said that nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.
At SFS, we believe that the most important value we deliver to our clients is the quality of our thinking. It results in strategies and tactics of generating and safeguarding wealth, it pushes businesses to new heights, it creates competitive advantage, solves issues and seizes opportunities.  
This unique custom of bringing ideas that help our clients to achieve their objectives is the key feature of our firm. It distinguishes our services and constitutes the SFS culture. It is what makes us noticeably different.
Our enthusiasm is readily visible in our proactive search for new ways to answer our clients' needs more effectively. It drives the decisions we make when adapting intelligently to changes all around us. It fuels our entrepreneurial nature as well as our capacity to consider possibilities far beyond the obvious. And, our reputation is something we take very seriously. We earn and protect it every day by delivering results.