SERVICES / Transaction Support

SFS understands consulting as a way of helping Clients to succeed. 
Our multi-disciplinary teams that are both experienced and responsive are specializing in following areas:

  • Corporate finance
  • Transaction services
  • Internal control
  • Business recovery
  • Information systems and organization
  • Actuarial services

All these business lines are handled by seasoned professionals.

Valuation of a business or an asset:

As a value of a business is not solely financial, our rigorous and systematic approach takes into account all aspects of an operation, including the legal and fiscal elements.

Purchaser due diligence:

We will guide you through each stage of the acquisition and provide you with the necessary expertise to:

  • Identify the key characteristics of the target company and to evaluate its current and future performance,
  • Anticipate factors which could lead to the transaction being delayed or canceled, and
  • Verify the principal financial components of the transfer price.

Post-acquisition assistance:

We offer you tailored assistance in:

  • Identifying elements which could lead to the re-evaluation of prices and guarantees, and
  • Commencing amicable or legal proceedings.

Vendor Due diligence:

Our team has developed specialist knowledge and acquired renowned experience in:

  • Preparing a business or business segment for sale,
  • Obtaining the best sale price and,
  • Managing the project confidentially.

Corporate recovery and insolvency:

We can implement legal proceedings to enable you to avoid being declared bankrupt. We will also help you in recovering debts and in assessing the risks associated with the situation.

Internal controls:

We will assist you in:

  • Assessing the current situation,
  • Implementing tailored solutions to reduce risks and,
  • Introducing an internal controls department within your business.